Making a Movie in Xanadu

by Jack Seay

Nov. 28, 2004

Participate in and read various discussions (a combination of what we now call groups, chats, and e-mail lists). When you read a good quote or part of a discussion, book-mark it and add some keywords for your index of resources. Listen to some music, read books, watch movies; doing the same in all these. Continue this process throughout the making of the movie. This will provide some of the dialog, plot, music, and even some video you will include. Since much of the discussion will be video chat, this could become good material for a movie that includes discussion of philosophy, religion, politics, science, art, music, etc. (see Mindwalk). Not that these are isolated areas of thought, as there will be much overlap and interconnectedness (intertwingularity). Other people could be making movies similar to yours. You could make a version based on theirs, and visa versa. A lot of movies could then be hyperlinked together in a variety of diagrams that point out the relationships and viewpoints. Since everything in Xanadu is fully quoteable and editable, you won't need anyone's permission to use anything, and they won't need your permission to use your contribution, and everyone gets paid fairly for all they have created, every time it is used. This happens automatically, without complication, because the structure of Xanadu supports it. So if you say something in a discussion that someone else quotes in a screenplay that is edited by someone else and is made into a movie by someone else; then every time someone watches that part of the movie (even inside another movie), you automatically receive a small payment. You can choose to give away your words, music, pictures, video for free if that's what you prefer. After the "official" editor releases the movie, the out-takes and bloopers that got cut can be included in comedy or longer versions by other editors.

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