Minimum Requirements for Floating World

  1. Fixed data stream
    1. allows transclusion - enables re-use
      1. facilitates versioning
      2. facilitates fair payments
    2. allows 2-way unbreakable links
  2. separate data from format
    1. allows multiple views


    Document - any type of data: text, audio, video, vr, math, etc.

    Version - by author, others; old versions kept and comparable

    Format - attributes and views (more than just windows, menus, buttons) In addition to the usual bold, underline, italics; also use color, rotation, 3D, nD, transparency, lighting, size, location

    Filters - Reviews - Lists - Compilations: used to focus attention on what you consider important (includes ability to hide all unneeded elements of the interface.

    Links - 2 way; unbreakable; from/to points, spans, documents; many user and author definable types. Links can have multiple destinations (origins).

    Security - can measure up to standards required for business, military, medical, and personal protection of information.

    March 22, 2004 - Jack Seay