Floating World

(Xanadu, zigzag)

Front End Features


All versions available

any 2 (or perhaps more) versions can be easily compared, showing all differences with color coding

and lines - editing can continue in this view, creating another new version. This must work down to the

level of the individual character


All content is tied to each creator, yet editable by anyone into new versions, with each change trackable to it's author


The means - model the structure and content of all reality and whatever can be conceived of (math, science, art, literature, religion, politics, 

technology, etc. - overlapping, mingling, linking)

The end - reduce suffering, pain, death, misunderstanding; solve problems; teach all knowledge; facilitate faster, easier learning

To build anything, communicate anything to anyone any way, to share your dreams and live in shared ones - be they realistic, fantastic,

scientific, mathematical, philosophical; in any combination of abstraction or concreteness you desire. To share and change as though

everything was owned by everyone, but always able to see exactly what anyone contributed, and when.

To replace all current software by building on an underlying structure that gives all software the capabilities to keep track of what

changed and by who, when, and why; compare, contrast, collaborate, contract, expand, explode, re-organize; but never destructively, as

you can always go back to anywhere.


links (2-way; unbreakable; between points, spans, or whole documents; different user-defined types

view (outline, diagram, plain text, 3D (selected from n-dimensions))

format (bold, italic...)

content (any version(s))


can display and edit legacy content (the web) with certain limitations (links break and are one-way, many other broken

and partial features)

web (linked into it until Xanadu can transition its' content into full xanalogical structure)


Use animated viewing methods (billowing) to focus attention on what is most important, but without losing view of relationships (shown

by different types of links).

Back End Features


Permascroll (or equivalent) - permanent storage and addressing for all content.

Separate content from format, links, views (overlayed on top of content) - capable of being applied even to future versions.

Where advantageous, use peer-to-peer for content retrieval, backup, and processing.


Ent (modified binary tree that tracks all versioning) points to locations in the permascroll.

High security and encryption is the default (only way to protect content from corruption and theft).