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You: You could have more than one "wikipedia", one to please every taste.      
  Arnold Adams: I believe there is no technology that is viable to invest in unless it has that kind of future proof intelligence in it
Arnold Adams: in which it grows with you
Arnold Adams: thats why I talked about semantics above
Arnold Adams: which is clearly what is lacking on the web right now
Arnold Adams: As you said in the document you are biased by a bunch of things
Arnold Adams: what you ate, how much you sleep
Arnold Adams: well when I hit search for X, I'd like the system to take those biases into account and intelligently present me with material relevant to my opinions and state of mind
You: yes, since the markup isn't set to one and only one set of markup, as in the semantic web, you don't have to make political decisions about who has a voice and who doesn't      
  Arnold Adams: I see
Arnold Adams: Well thanks for taking the time to present this to us
You: everyone gets to talk, no matter how weird you think they are, you can ignore them if you wish, it's your choice to create or use filters
You: you are welcome
You: May I have your permission to put this discussion on the Internet in other places?
    Lee Enfield: may I give it to my comrade with the remotely similar project?  
  Arnold Adams: Anonymously yes if you can    
You: of course      
    Lee Enfield: I'll leave your name out if you wish, Arnold Adams.  
You: I will change your names to anything you request if you wish      
    Lee Enfield: I do not care if you use mine.  
  Arnold Adams: Well thanks again, and Good night, Jack, Lee and Kipp
Arnold Adams: yes thanks
      Kipp Patton: Thanks for coming
Kipp Patton: and I hope there will be more of this topic to come
You: and you have my permission to quote me or add this to your blogs, etc.      
  Arnold Adams: Ty    
You: good night, and thanks      
    Lee Enfield: Thank you very much for everything sir.  
You: you are welcome.      
    Lee Enfield: I am as always quite hopeful for the future!  
You: I am glad you enjoyed it.      
      Kipp Patton: smiling
You: me too      
    Lee Enfield: may I contact you in future then, sir?  
You: yes      
    Lee Enfield: Thank you very kindly.  
You: and on the hyperworlds website
You: are many other ways to contact me, if you wish
    Lee Enfield smiles  
You: any other comments or questions?      
    Lee Enfield: Perhaps I shall IM you or use the web site.
Lee Enfield: It is an introduction, so I cannot add too much at this time, I think.
You: OK, I will look forward to it      
    Lee Enfield smiles perhaps we may discuss it in future.
Lee Enfield: I am picturing it in three dimensional diagrams...
Lee Enfield grins wryly
You: yes, I plan on having more discussions
You: yes, I would like to create something in SL to help do that
    Lee Enfield: brilliant sir!
Lee Enfield beams
You: it would be difficult to show it's interactivity without some heavy scripting      
    Lee Enfield: it is one of the under or un-used strengths of SL I believe...
Lee Enfield: Kinetic 3D diagrams...
You: but it could show what some views might look like
You: yes, there is much potential there. Especially in teaching math and science